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About us

About us

Busa Logistics LLC was established in December 2020.

The owner started his career in the oil field over 20 years ago. Eventually, in December 2020 he purchased his own truck and trailer and started his own hot shot company.


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Busa Logistic LLC

Busa Logistics LLC thrives in the hot shot trucking industry and specialize in transporting oil & gas equipment.

Three words that describe
Busa Logistics LLC


Three words that describe Busa Logistics LLC are fast, cost efficient, and dependable. Deadlines run businesses and Busa Logistics LLC strives to provide fast services to ensure you hit your deadlines.

Cost Efficient

Cost efficiency is a dime in a dozen. With competitive pricing and efficient hot shot trucking, Busa Logistics LLC prioritizes efficient services with reasonable rates. If you are wanting more bang for your buck, give us a call today.


Along with quick services, Busa Logistics LLC is also dependable. It’s one thing to be fast and another to be fast and dependable.

Our hot shot trucking equipment ranges from a simple truck with no trailer to a forklift loader for drill pipe and casing jobs.

We take care of our equipment by keeping them clean, getting regular inspections, and ensure the trucks and trailers are always in top shape.
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